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The Terrorism Act 2006 includes legislation which makes it an offence to encourage or glorify terrorism or disseminate terrorist publications through internet activity.

Statements published to the internet, which are considered to be unlawful under The Terrorism Act 2006, will be subject to a ‘notice and take down’ order by the police. The individual(s) responsible may then also be subject to further action by the police.

Access to websites classed as unlawful under the Act is prohibited from St George’s, University of London devices. Attempts to access such sites, or to bypass St George’s protocols governing access to such sites, may constitute a breach of the Janet acceptable use policy, which in turn may be considered a breach of the university's network conditions of use policy.

St George’s, University of London will also take appropriate action against any of its staff or students who use the university’s network and associated resources, including St George’s message boards or discussion forums, in contravention of the Act.


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