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Definition of loitering

The policy defines “Loitering” as the act of entering and remaining in any public area of St George’s, University of London with no apparent purpose or without the apparent intent to use the facilities provided on site.  In all such cases the proof will be submitted to the security staff.  

Loitering includes but is not limited to:

Roaming through St George’s, University of London, both main campus and Horton Halls public areas with no apparent purpose and / or intent to use the facilities.

Standing, sitting or lying on floors or furniture in a matter that sufficiently disturb students, employees or members of the public, block or obstruct potential or actual area footfall or the services of the University.

Sleeping in communal areas such as corridors, thoroughfares, and other areas to include offices and non-public areas.

Any disruptive behaviour, such as fighting, harassment, verbal or physical altercations, and verbal outbursts whilst on St George’s, University of London premises.  Also, any disorderly behaviour due to intoxication from alcoholic beverages or controlled substances.

Making excessive noise, talking loudly, socialising or causing a disturbance in public or private areas.

Anyone found to be suspected of loitering will be approached by a member of the SGUL  security team and asked to leave the premises.


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