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We regulate the sending of bulk emails within St George’s to ensure effective use of this service, and to prevent any misuse or abuse of email facilities.

Messages for university-wide distribution will generally be restricted to key operational and administrative matters, and any other urgent information of direct relevance to St George’s staff and students.

 Examples of approved subject matter for mail shots include (but are not limited to):

  • security issues

  • health and safety issues

  • estates and facilities announcements (eg building works and refurbishment)

  • finance announcements (eg Sage, payroll)

  • personnel announcements (eg new legislation)

  • registry announcements

  • computing issues (eg upgrades, disruption to services, virus alerts)

  • announcements from St George’s council, executive committee, strategic working groups etc.

Requests for mail shots not covered by the above should be directed to the relevant St George’s mailing list. Mailing lists operate on an ‘opt-in’ basis, and you will need to sign up to a specific list in order to both post and receive messages for that list.

Guidelines for bulk emailing

Requests for university-wide bulk emails should:

  • relate to approved St George’s operational or administrative issues only

  • be submitted via the mailshot page

  • have a clear subject line

  • be kept as brief as possible

  • not contain material that breaches St George’s conditions of use policy.

Users may not send unauthorised university-wide bulk emails by compiling their own lists from St George’s phonebook. Any attempt to do so will constitute a breach of St George’s conditions of use policy.


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