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What is the multifaith and quiet contemplation room?

There is a multiFaith and quiet contemplation room available for staff and students of all religions and beliefs to use, including those with no religious belief.

The room is located on Jenner Wing, First Floor by Staircase 20.  

How to use the the multifaith and quiet contemplation room

All current and potential users of the multifaith and quiet contemplation rooms must familiarise themselves with the protocol for the multi-faith and quiet contemplation rooms (PDF).

This document includes guidance on:

  • consideration of others, the standard of conduct expected from, and the responsibilities of, all users of the rooms (see point 2)

  • who is permitted to use the rooms, how to make a booking (see point 4)

  • the physical set up of the rooms (see point 6)

  • rules regarding the use of the rooms -including those regarding noise and the consumption of food- and how to report any concerns about the rooms’ upkeep (see point 8)

  • useful contacts (see point 9)

  • how to admit external guests to use the multifaith and quiet contemplation rooms (see Appendix 1)

  • ablutions (see Appendix 2).

Further information

For more information about the space, please read the multifaith room FAQs (PDF). 

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