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A new campaign for Black History Month 2021 invited Black and Brown people around the UK to share what they are Proud To Be for a festival of celebration in October.

We were Proud To Be taking part in this and invited students, staff and alumni from the university to take part by submitting a written or recorded statement sharing what they are proud to be.

Take a look at the submissions we received, which we shared across our channels and networks throughout the month.

What you're Proud To Be

Click each of the sections below to hear from different people about what they're Proud To Be.

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Sheetal Kavia, E-Projects Manager at St George's.

300x300-Proud-To-Be-Sheetal"Hi, i'm Sheetal Kavia and I'm Proud To Be a British Indian because it lets me bring both my cultures together and I get the best of both worlds."




Dr Ban Haider, Senior Lecture in Primary Care Education at St George's


"I am proud to be an Iraqi Muslim woman. I am proud of my heritage and the empathy this has given me for other people. I am proud to be a working mother, not always getting the balance right but still trying my best. I am proud to be a member of the St George's community and having the privilege of working with inspiring students and colleagues."


Dornubari Lebari, St George's alumni

Dornubari"I am Proud to Be Black African and an SGUL alumni because both my background and my time at St George's gave me a unique life perspective."


Yogini Chokeepermal- Naidu, Associate Professor in Adult Nursing at Kingston and St George's
Woman, Yogini, stood outside on balcony looking into camera."I am Yogini Chokeepermal- Naidu. I am Proud To Be a British- Mauritian Nurse Academic. I am born British, I look Asian, I was brought up and educated on the paradise island off the coast of Africa (Mauritius). My friends and family are English and beyond. I am lucky to have the global fusion of cultures and life experiences."


Michelle Okwudiafor, Internal Communications Manager

Michelle"A rich cultural heritage, resilience, great cuisine, music, and fashion are some of the many things that make me proudly Nigerian. Afternoon tea, a strong sense of culture, the Cathedrals, and the job opportunities the UK offers have also won my heart. I am proud to be Nigerian/British!"


Emily Lopez, St George's alumni
Emily-edit"I am proud to be Mixed Race. There have been times where I have been made to feel I don't quite fit either side of my colours, but I can now say I've grown to a place where I can embrace the fact I am a perfect blend of both. Proud to be mixed. Not half anything, just a whole lot of me."
Lahvanya Shantharam, Medicine student at St George's
Lahvanya"I’m Lahvanya and I’m proud to be a Sri Lankan Tamil medical student studying at St George’s! Being born at St George’s and living in London all my life has meant I’ve always been able to embrace my culture as London is a place which is filled with diversity. I’m so proud of where I’m from, where I was born and who I am."
Valerie Gage, Counsellor at St George's

Valerie-Gage"I am Valerie, and I am Proud to Be the first Black Counsellor at St George’s, University of London, and I humbly pay homage to those who lost their lives and forced the world to pay attention. I am Proud of the students that spoke out and made it possible for me to exist in this space. I am Proud to Be Black!"










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