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My mother taught me from an early age that having a successful career alone is not enough, that having good character - treating people with respect, listening to people with full engagement and carrying yourself with humility - is far more important. 

She is my role model.

I have a particular interest in medical education and research. I’ve been fortunate enough to assist with facilitating clinical trials with Professor Baker and her fantastic team at St George’s, and I am also proud of the teaching I have delivered to students.

My top tip to students in younger years is to share and reflect on clinical cases confidentially with your peers. You’ll find that you end up excelling in all domains - you will get better at communicating, your knowledge will increase and you will learn to tackle difficult ethical principles better. 

Outside of medicine, I am interested in entrepreneurship and business. Last year, I got involved in the Clinical Entrepreneur training programme run by Professor Tony Young (OBE). I am keen to use what I’ve learnt from the programme to help diversify healthcare resources in the future.

For example, in a small attempt to tackle misinformation around Covid-19, I, with the help of some talented colleagues, created Covid-19 infographics in multiple languages for different communities to access.

My motivation comes from there being so much work in the world that needs to be done. We all have a unique potential to make change. I’ve always seen healthcare as a platform to do this on both a micro and macro scale.


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