Stephanie Collingwood, 27, enrolled through Clearing on St George's Paramedic Science course having had a change of heart on her original degree choice of Nursing.

Stephanie explains, “I came through an alternative route to most as I had done an Access Course. It was almost like a distant learning course as I did not attend a college. The work was very intense, I had to balance completing the course with a full-time job.

“My results came through shortly after my final submission and I got Distinctions for the majority of my assignments. For me, going back into education after so long, it really was the best and most rewarding feeling as it opened new doors.

“I originally accepted an offer from Kings College London to do Nursing but, in all honesty, I had listened to a lot of biased opinions which lead me to choose Nursing over Paramedic Science. I never wanted to be a nurse.

“I soon realised I was unhappy with my decision and that my heart was not in it. I called St George's to see if I could get a place on the Paramedic Science course through Clearing and the process was absolutely amazing. I spoke with a couple of different people who were so helpful.

“They offered me a telephone interview which lasted around 40 minutes that same day. I also had to take a test on the phone so it was quite intense but the staff were lovely and put me at ease. I was made an offer for the course the same day.

“Obviously in my circumstance I was really stressed as I wanted to start university that year and I had made the wrong decision, but they were very efficient and gave me an opportunity. I was just so shocked at how helpful, supportive and efficient they were.

“I actually always wanted to go to St George's. I researched universities a few years prior, back when I was 21 and wanted to be a Paramedic, and it always stood out to me for offering a very good programme. I had also heard good things of the university and I love the fact that it is a university based in a hospital; that always appealed to me - to be working so close to my future role.

“ I am really enjoying the course and I'm really happy with my choice of university. It has definitely has been a positive move. ”