Sauha Chohan is coming towards the end of her first year studying Occupational Therapy. After struggling with the skills tests required for her original degree choice of Children’s Nursing, Sauha enrolled at St George’s through Clearing last year. She found the process easier than applying through the main application cycle

She says, “Occupational Therapy was not my first plan, it was my backup option. I initially applied for Children’s Nursing, however that didn't work out for me. I then researched a bit more about Occupational Therapy and came across the profession when completing one of my units in advanced A Level Health and Social Care which further developed my interest in the role.”

Speaking of her experience going through Clearing, Sauha found it far smoother than the application process in the main academic cycle.

She continues, “Clearing was easy and simple for me. I found it much quicker by comparison with the main UCAS process which was really stressful. There were exams and deadlines to contend with alongside filling in the UCAS application.”

However, Sauha stresses the importance of preparation in her smooth Clearing experience.

She explains, “With Clearing, planning before results day really helped. What I mean by planning is jotting down the universities and courses that I wanted to apply to and that may have vacancies. I think it's also important for those that may go through clearing to have all the important details and documents, such as UCAS number, GCSE grades, A level grades, ready when they make that first phone call on results day. I did this and it reduced a lot of the stress and tension.

“Applicants also need to demonstrate the knowledge and skills required for their desired university and course. For instance, I was interviewed by the Occupational Therapy module leaders on areas that were relevant to the course, so I'd advise students to prepare for that as well.

“I'd also recommend that clearing applicants have a support system around them, such as a friend or family member, on results day as it can be a stressful time. This was helpful for me as it calmed me down, I had someone to listen to and give me advice on how to go about things. If there was one thing I'd do differently if I were to go through Clearing again it would be to try to not panic beforehand. It’s not the end of the world!

“I chose St George’s as it is a brilliant university and specialises in healthcare degrees, which is what I initially wanted to do. My time on the course so far has been great. I am grateful for all the support and facilities that have been provided to us by our module leaders. It has definitely been a positive experience.”