Mary Boateng, 20, applied to study Occupational Therapy at St George's through Clearing in 2017.

Mary describes why she applied through Clearing, how she came across St George's and how she has found studying here so far.

“A Level results day was good, I was really happy with some results and okay with others. I'd decided to take a gap year as A Levels were very intense and I believed that, if I went straight to university following them, I would not perform as well as I know I can. My plan was to apply to universities the following year but I soon realised that it would be better for me to apply when I finished my A Levels through Clearing to ensure that I had a place secured. That way I could embrace my gap year rather than worrying.

“I heard about St George's through exploring Occupational Therapy. My plan was to stay in London and there were only three London universities that offered the course.

“I decided to apply to St George's due to it being a university within a hospital which I found unique and advantageous - I am essentially learning in the environment in which I will be working in the future. The University is also solely focused on healthcare courses which means that I am among people that I can continuously learn from.

“So far the course has been really good, everything I have learned I know will prepare me for the future. I have learned through many different ways, for example case based learning sessions which involves working within a group of students from different courses to start implementing the idea of the multi-disciplinary team.

“Everyone at the university - students and lecturers/tutors - are very welcoming as are other staff working in the different services offered by the University such as the counselling service or the student centre. They are always happy to help.

“I was surprised at the number of societies and events that go on at St George's. For example, I would never have thought I would get back to dancing because of the opportunities the university has to offer. The societies are a great way of getting involved with something you enjoy or may want to try, while socialising and creating relationships with other students. I am very happy with my decision to apply to St George's through Clearing and do no regret it at all!”