After achieving her predicted A-Level grades (AAA), Mary Adesina changed her mind about which university she wanted to study at. She used Clearing and Adjustment to switch from the Biomedical Sciences degree at UCL to the degree of the same name at St George’s, initially attracted by the possibility of transferring to medicine. Mary recently graduated from the Biomedical Science programme.

Mary, 22, said: “I thought I had made a mistake by not applying for Medicine. I heard about the possibility of transferring to Medicine from Biomedical Science at St George's and decided to try it out.

Mary didn’t feel nervous about the prospect of going through Clearing because she had gotten her predicted grades of AAA in biology, chemistry and maths. She initially had regrets about not having the confidence to apply for medicine from the start but has not looked back and has opted to extend her biomedical sciences studies.

She said: “I felt fine, but at the same time I regretted not being confident enough to apply for medicine from the start. However, when the time came to transfer to medicine, I decided that I was enjoying the course so much that I transferred to the MSci Course which is a four-year Master’s programme.”

She found the Clearing process very straight forward, having watched the UCAS video and made a plan which she stuck to.

She said: “The St George’s team was very friendly and the student I spoke to was very welcoming and told me a lot about her personal experience at George's.”

On what attracted her to St George’s, Mary said: “As well as the opportunity to transfer, it was the dissection room that caught my eye. It was a way to make learning anatomy practical and as a result, make it easier to remember.

“What I enjoy most about St George's is the family feel as it means that people study together and it’s easier to get help from students in the year above.

In her first year, Mary stayed in Horton Halls and found it a great way to make friends.

She said: “St George's did a good job of putting people in the same course together so that we’d already have something in common. I still talk to the people I shared a kitchen with to this day.”

As for what advice she’d give to those going through clearing this year, Mary said: “I would say stay calm, make a plan and stick to it. Also, sell yourself because universities want students.”