Layla Walker Lawrence, 20, exceeded her predicted A-Level grades and secured a place on the St George’s medicine degree through UCAS Adjustment. Now at the end of her second year of study, Layla is loving her course and feels at home in the university’s close-knit community.

Layla had her heart set on a career in medicine but hadn’t been offered a place with her predicted grades of ABB. When she received her actual grades (AAA), she quickly realised that she was in a good position to reapply to medical school. Her initial plan was to take a gap year and apply again the following year. She saw that two universities had medicine places available through Clearing and Adjustment, St George’s being one.

Layla said, “I chose St George's because it’s a healthcare university, I knew I’d be with people in the same boat as me doing similar courses with specialist teaching. When I came for my interview I really liked the vibe that I got from the university and all the student ambassadors. They made me feel as though I’d be welcome at St George’s and that it was very inclusive.”

St George's has a tradition of older students mentoring incoming students to help make the transition into university life easier. This is colloquially known as the St George’s ‘mums and dads scheme’ whereby two older students are assigned to an incoming student on the same course to help them integrate and settle at the university.

Of the scheme Layla says, “I really liked the idea of having a St George’s parent to help me settle in at the university. It provides an extra support network.

“I feel like coming to St George’s has been a very good move for me. I love the course, as there’s always something new to learn. I’ve been lucky that St Georges is inclusive and has a community atmosphere. We have an amazing support network here and I’ve made some really good friends.”

Speaking of the Adjustment application process Layla says, “It was really straightforward contacting the university on results day. All the people I spoke to on the phone were friendly and helpful, even when I thought I’d lost my UKCAT results and was having a bit of a panic.”