Fraser Betts, 21, was devastated when he realised that he hadn’t got the grades to take up his university offers. After looking at his options in Clearing, he discovered that he could qualify for a place on the Diagnostic Radiography degree at St George’s if he successfully completed a foundation year.

“I was heartbroken when I found out my results. I had a total internal freak out when I saw them pop up on UCAS. It ended up with me lying in bed for hours at the end of the day, just staring at the ceiling because I was emotionally exhausted. It all happened in such a rush; opening UCAS and discovering I had not achieved the scores I wanted. But you can pick yourself up and find another path,” said Fraser.

After doing some research, Fraser discovered that he could study Diagnostic Radiography at St George’s with his A-level grades were he to complete a foundation year. 

He elaborates, “I was lucky to have my mum go through with me each page of science-related courses that had vacancies until we found the one for me. In my case there was a course that, when grouped with the A level credits I obtained, meant I could go on to study diagnostic radiography the following year if I were to pass it.

“I would advise anyone going through Clearing this year to browse through the courses available with a loved one or a friend, anyone who is close and can be there to support you. That support can be so beneficial when researching what to apply for.”

Fraser describes the clearing process at St George’s as a “fantastic experience” and has both practical and emotional tips for those going through it this year.

“Always have your UCAS ID handy, the guys on the other end of the phone handle thousands of calls a day and always appreciate having this sort of information to hand. I would also recommend making a list of any questions you have in advance to avoid having to call back.

“Keeping a pen and paper handy when calling is also a must, there could be multiple numbers you need to call to talk to the right people for any specific questions you have – for example, accommodation, term time dates, placement etc. Also have some water handy as well! Keeping hydrated is fantastic for the mind and body, especially in stressful situations.

“Clearing can be a wildly bewildering time. Take the time to process what you're going through. Be open with the people you trust with regards to how you're coping and ask for advice. Remember, you're only human! There are countless courses out there that can help you on the way to studying at university. No matter what you set your heart on it could be a whole new path for you to explore in life!”