St George's Clinical Pharmacology BSc is available to study through Clearing. The newly designed course focuses on the study of drugs as they relate to humans. Below, President of St George's Pharmacology society, fourth-year medic Ellie Connor, discusses the society, Pharmacology as a discipline and what it is like to study at St George's.

“St George's Pharmacology society was set up in 2018 and, although still fairly new, the society is growing fast. This year we have tried to show everyone how exciting pharmacology can be through fun and interesting talks from well-known internal and external speakers.

 “We are incredibly lucky at St George's to have so many amazing lecturers in the field including Professor Baker, Professor Greenwood, Professor Albert and more. What has made Pharmsoc successful this year has been the enthusiasm of these Professors to help students get the most out of their studies. Students can get involved in extra-curricular activities in order to boost their academic portfolio as well as share their love for the subject.

 “Clinical Pharmacology is a great subject to be involved in because you find it everywhere. St George's is a healthcare university and pharmacology plays a big role in all the courses offered here. It's fresh and you'll always be kept on your toes. There are so many different areas you can get involved in from policy and regulation, toxicology, scientific research, clinical medicine and more.

 “Clinical pharmacologists are extremely important as pharmacology is vital to clinical medicine. The Clinical Pharmacology BSc degree at St George's has been designed by two incredibly talented Professors and I believe that it will be a fantastic degree to study if you have been lucky enough to be offered a place. 

“I've thoroughly enjoyed studying at St George's. I have been hugely supported by all the staff including the administration team, the exams board and lecturers. What stands out at St George's is how often students and lecturers are willing to sacrifice their time (and even their evenings) in order to give revision sessions for topics people struggle with.

“I've also found that the university are very receptive to feedback and are always taking into consideration what students have to say. I'm now coming to the end of my fifth year studying at St George's, I have been so privileged to have been taught by so many incredible lecturers and I will honestly really miss the environment when I leave. Being at St George's is like being part of a big family, it's a small university and everybody is super friendly. 

“There are so many societies which I highly recommend getting involved in. I have met the majority of my best friends through different societies and sports clubs, despite them being in different academic years and on different courses.

“If you're in halls, pop into the room next to you and say hey or say hi to the person next to you before a lecture is about to begin. Socially, St George's is a really great place to be, not only because of everything that Tooting has to offer but because everyone from a porter to a student to school shop/bar worker to lecturer are so willing to go out of their way to help you. It's different to other universities. The lecturers and professors want to be involved in your learning and wellbeing and want to help you achieve the best you possibly can in every aspect of university life. St George's is a place where people genuinely do care.”