Biomedical Science graduate Eleanor Hamilton-Davies enrolled at St George’s through Clearing. Eleanor initially wanted to study Biomedical Science as it may give her the opportunity to follow in her father’s footsteps and study medicine. Having held an offer to study Biomedical Science at King’s College London, Eleanor missed her grade requirements and found herself in Clearing.

Speaking of her application experience Eleanor says, “I didn't know much about St George's until I ended up going through clearing as I missed my grades. I called them and within an hour I had spoken to the admissions team over the phone who had confirmed my place at the university to study Biomedical Science.

“The funny thing was I was actually on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean at the time so it wasn't the best place to be getting results and calling universities. I found the St George’s clearing hotline the most efficient and friendly out of all of them and was relieved that my place had been sorted so quickly.”

St George’s is based in Tooting, south-west London and Eleanor enjoyed being based in such a diverse and vibrant area stating, “I lived in halls in my first year at St George’s, then in second and third year I lived at home and commuted. I’ve enjoyed being in and around London as it's a completely different experience to living anywhere else.

“Tooting definitely surprised me with its amount of shops and interesting marketplaces. I think that I underestimated it as a university location. Many people disregard it for being on the outskirts of London but it is so easy to get into central London on the tube. I’ve enjoyed getting to know a new area that I wouldn't otherwise have gone to.”

There are numerous sports clubs and societies available to St George’s students through St George’s Student Union. Eleanor decided to join the rowing club and found it an enriching experience.

She explains, “I was part of St George's Hospital Boat Club (SGHBC) as a cox. Being part of the boat club in itself wasn't just a sport, it gave an extra social circle and peer support network throughout my time at the university. Joining SGHBC was one of the best decisions I made at St George's.”

Despite medicine being Eleanor’s initial motivation to study Biomedical Science, she changed her mind during her second year at St George’s and was drawn towards the vocation of being a vet. She has now enrolled on a second degree studying Veterinary Science at the University of Surrey. The 2.1 Eleanor achieved in Biomedical Science at St George’s ensured she was eligible to apply.

She elaborates, “I've always loved animals and I have a variety of pets at home. I just think that I never considered veterinary medicine a possibility as following in the footsteps of my dad, who is a doctor, seemed the obvious choice. I feel like I will be in a good position at the start of my new degree with the notes and knowledge that I have gained from my three years studying at St George’s.”

Despite initial concerns, Eleanor is grateful for her time at St George’s saying, “St George's wasn’t my first choice but it definitely ended up being the right choice for me.”