Akshara Mathi, 19, didn’t get the required grades to secure her offers for Medicine. She initially felt stressed by the prospect of Clearing, but, after realising that she still had plenty of options available to her with her A-Level results (ABB), she focused on what she would like to study and found a place the Biomedical Sciences course at St George’s.

Akshara said: “My first thought was to find another course at St George’s that I’d like to do. I saw that the Biomedical Science course was quite similar to medicine in terms of the content, so I called up and I met the criteria. 

“Realising that I had to go through Clearing was quite stressful at first, but seeing that there were other options to study what I might enjoy was encouraging.”

On the Clearing process, Akshara said: “The team at St George’s was very good at answering my questions about my application, and that made me feel confident that I was making an informed decision, and it was reassuring.”

Although biomedical sciences wasn’t Akshara’s first choice of course, she’s really enjoying the content and other aspects of university life, such as the Diwali Show which she has taken part in as a dancer.

On what advice she’d give to those going through clearing this year, Akshara said: “If I could give some advice to anyone going through clearing this year, it would be to take a moment to just visualise yourself doing what you're applying for. I think it gives a good indication as to whether it's the right thing for you or not. After that, be confident with your choice and go for it!”