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We select applicants based on their potential for success in their chosen course and, where relevant, profession. We regularly review our admissions procedures and rigorously train our selection staff.

We are currently in the process of reviewing our approach to contextual admissions for undergraduate courses, from 2021 entry onwards.  Please email us to register your interest in being notified when our approach for 2021 onwards is confirmed.

For 2020 entry we are using our Adjusted Criteria scheme for all undergraduate courses. 

What is the Adjusted Criteria scheme and how does it work?

Candidates from eligible schools applying for courses which are part of our Adjusted Criteria scheme automatically have their conditional offer set at two grades lower than our standard conditional offer (even if their predicated grades are higher).

By considering the context in which an applicant achieved their educational qualifications, rather than against a national average, we are better able to identify potential. This means that students from poorer performing schools who are towards the top of their class are given due consideration in the admissions process for some of our courses and can enter St George’s, University of London with lower grades. Research has shown that our Adjusted Criteria students are successful in Medicine and we have expanded the scheme across other undergraduate courses including Biomedical Science, Clinical Pharmacology, Physiotherapy and Healthcare Science.

Which schools are eligible for the Adjusted Criteria scheme?

Students who apply to an eligible course from a non-selective state school in England with an average A-level grade of D+ or below, or one that is in the bottom 20 per cent in England for progression to Higher Education, are automatically eligible for consideration under our Adjusted Criteria scheme. Students do not need to fill out an additional form or provide any extra information at the point of application.

Please note that eligibility is determined based on the school/college at which you take your A Levels. If you completed your GCSEs at a school on our Adjusted Criteria list, but then undertook your A Levels at a school/college that is not on this list, you will not qualify for an adjusted offer.

The scheme is reviewed annually, so may change scope in future years.  A list of eligible schools and colleges for 2021 entry will be posted here no later than 1 September 2020.

Which courses does the Adjusted Criteria scheme apply to?

The Adjusted Criteria scheme is applied to the following undergraduate courses:

As well as applying to us from a school which is eligible for the Adjusted Criteria scheme, applicants must meet all other course-specific academic and non-academic entry requirements:

  • minimum GCSE requirements

  • minimum non-academic requirements

  • course-specific A-level subject requirements

  • course-specific interview or assessment requirements

  • UCAT requirements (for MBBS5 only)

  • achieve a minimum of grade B in Chemistry A-level (for MBBS5 only).


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