Stanislavs Vasiljevs

Stanis Vasiljevs

How is the Biomedical Science course taught at St Georges?

The Biomedical Science course at St George’s is unique. You won’t find another course like in the UK. On top of being  highly scientific, it also offers a great deal of clinical knowledge that would make you an appealing candidate for any job or course you decide to apply for afterwards.

The course includes anatomy classes, drug development, diseases, practical tests and case studies. I can’t even count how many times I have used my “clinical scientific background” in various interviews and it always works a treat. The Biomedical Science course at St Georges is great for graduate prospects. Name any job and my friends who have completed a Biomedical Science degree have got it, whether that be as NHS lab staff, or drug development. Everything is open to you after this degree.

The Biomedical Science course at St Georges is a unique blend of pure science and useful clinical knowledge. You get your lectures delivered in blocks.Each blog focuses on the aspect of the human body, whole underlying science and scientific methods of studying it.

Student-based learning (SBL) are focused group studies, where you are given a scenario of a patient and you need to work through the case with your fellow students. Cases are usually based on the topic of the week and will incorporate all the knowledge given to you in the lecture.

Tutorials are great and fun way to study and are very beneficial for all the students, as it’s easier to explore hard concepts with your fellow peers in a group. I have always enjoyed tutorials at St Georges and this year I began to teach tutorials, completing my whole circle from student to tutor.

Being located inside hospital offers a unique benefit of seeing the diseases we are taught about live, instead of just on slides. We had multiple occasions when our professors would go to the ward and ask patients to come to the lecture and talk about their disease themselves.

Do you have any tips for those looking at studying Biomedical Science?

Do it. That would be my most simple tip.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 19 December 2017 12:02