Physiotherapy student Naomi Brady chose to study at St George’s, University of London because of its reputation.

Naomi Brady

Why did you choose St George’s?

I chose St Georges because of its reputation. You know you are learning in one of the biggest teaching hospitals.

How is the Physiotherapy course taught at St Georges? How does this enable your learning?

Your first semester is taught alongside other professionals as part of the international foundations programme. This involves smaller group-based learning where you focus on weekly scenarios that make you think outside of your own profession and look at a case as a whole.

Throughout your first year you will have lectures and practical lessons to develop your knowledge. Practical lessons are completed on fellow students making it very hands-on. In second and third year you have clinical placements where you put all of your theory into practice.

Learning anatomy through cadavers is an amazing opportunity which makes St George’s stand out from other universities. When you walk into the lab for your first time it is quite daunting. 

As the lecturers are experienced Physiotherapists they are able to share their own experiences which means we receive a very high level of teaching in all areas of Physiotherapy.

What was the most surprising element of your course or St George’s?

I was most surprised by how valuable learning with cadavers can be. Being connected to the hospital is a massive advantage as you get a feel for what working in a hospital environment will be like.

What is the highlight of being a student in London?

Studying in London is an amazing opportunity and it's really easy to get into Central London from Tooting. Tooting itself has plenty to offer. I would recommend exploring Tooting Market for a coffee.

Also studying in London means you are in great position for getting amazing placements.

What’s the student union like? How does the Students' Union support you in your studies?

The student union bar is a great place to unwind with friends. The SU send monthly newsletters which keep students up to date with opportunities such as volunteering, study events, and job roles.

What is the St George’s campus like?

The campus has everything you need to both learn and socialise.  All the facilities you need are in close proximity of each other and is an easy campus to get to know your way around. 

How does the student parent system work? And how has it affected your study?

The ‘Mums and Dads’ parent system is where you get either a second-year ‘mum’ or ‘dad’. They will remain your university ‘parents’ until they graduate and it’s a valuable relationship.

Building a relationship with a student who has already completed assignments, exams and placements gives you somebody who you can discuss all your concerns and worries with. It’s a great way to also meet other students in the years above.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 19 December 2017 12:02