Christopher Redmond

Healthcare Science

Why did you choose St George’s?

I researched a lot of universities when deciding where to study and St George’s was the best out of them all!

The main feature about the course that attracted me was the amount of placement experience you are given. Fifty weeks of placement is a plenty of time, which makes you attractive to prospective employers when looking for a job. It’s something that not many universities offer.

St George’s also has access to wonderful hospitals situated in and around London that offer excellent teaching and clinical experience.

I was instantly pulled to George’s because of a variety of features. The facilities they have are excellent! They have clinical skills rooms that look like hospital wards, with a variety of equipment available for you to use and practise with, which means you won’t be left in the lurch when you go on placement and do procedures on patients for the first time. The clinical skills teaching prepares you very well for placement.

How is the Healthcare Science (Physiological Sciences) course taught at St Georges?

Healthcare Science is taught through a range of different teaching styles. 

We have lectures, Case based Learning (CBL) which is group teaching on cases that have a variety of different contexts and sessions in the dissection room in year one.

We also have trials in the pathology museum to see different anatomical specimens and clinical skills teaching, where you learn all of the different clinical skills you will need while on placement and dealing with patients.

What was the most surprising element of your course or St George’s?

How much I am enjoying it! I knew I had an interest in human biology and physiology before I started university, but the content covered on the course combined with the clinical experience has reaffirmed my decision to study Healthcare Science.

The lecturers always make the lectures fun and interesting and the variety of ways that you get taught the content on the course makes it even better to study!

Healthcare science is split into two streams. Which one are you studying or plan to study, and why did you choose that specialism?

I am currently studying the Cardiac stream of Healthcare Science. I chose this specialty as I really enjoyed the cardiac content that was covered on the course, as well as my experience on Cardiac placement.

There are many things that you can specialise in and many different examinations that you can perform and be a part of, from performing ECG’s to being in Catheter Labs.

With Cardiac Physiology, you can be involved with patient care from the moment they are admitted to the moment they are treated, which is a very exciting prospect when on the job.

Placement in hospitals is split into Cardiac and Respiratory Departments to give you a full taste of both specialities.

Hospitals that you are placed at will be in and around London, meaning that the departments will have many patient cases, making placement even more interesting. 

The teaching given at all of the hospitals definitely helps when you finish your first placement block and go back to studying.

What is the highlight of being a student in London?

It’s hard to just pick one when there are so many things to see and do in Tooting alone, let alone the whole of London!

Just living in a vibrant and busy community like Tooting has been a highlight in itself. The diversity that it offers translates to food, clothing, shops and markets, meaning there’s something for everyone to see and do!

St George’s is situated very close to transport links, meaning going anywhere in London is a breeze, which especially helps if you are commuting to and from university or want to go into central London for anything. 

If you had to sum up studying at St George’s in three words, what would they be and why?

Exciting because careers are always changing, rewarding due to the work you do with patients and the impact you have on their lives and unmissable because St George's is the best place to study, and if you aren't here, you're missing out.

The SU bar has been refurbished. What are your thoughts and how do you use it?

The SU bar is a great place to socialise! Many socials are held throughout the year for all the major holidays, as well as shows, open mic nights and quizzes. 

During the day it is open for people to come and relax, play pool or use the pinball machine, perfect for free time in between lectures. 

What’s it like studying in Tooting and London?

Tooting is a very vibrant area and has everything that you would need as a student. The transport links are also excellent, so if you ever need to go into central London for a day out, Tooting has you covered.

How does our focus on the health and medical sciences impact your studies, studying only with other health focused students?

It is really useful as it means that almost every student in the university can help you if you are stuck with anything or having any problems.

Much like a hospital setting, you are studying with students fulfilling a wide range of clinical roles, making it a multidisciplinary team.

Are you a member of any societies? If so, which ones and what do you do?

St George’s student union has lots of societies to join, which also influenced my decision when deciding where to apply.

It has lots of sports teams which compete nationally and internationally, as well as charitable societies.

I am president of the karate club at St George’s. I started last year by joining at the Fresher’s Fayre and since then I have competed in university and national competitions. It has been a really great way to keep in shape and has definitely helped me to relax in the evenings after a long day of work.

I would recommend trying something new and picking up a new hobby while at university. It’s the perfect time to try it and make new friends while at university.


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