The majority of the academic element of this course is delivered at Kingston University, and covers basic biological, physical, sociological and psychological sciences and radiographic practice.

A radiographer using an x-ray machine

You will follow a rigorous education programme in hospitals, where you will acquire broad experience in the diagnosis and assessment of patients who present a variety of problems, disorders and injuries. Substantial emphasis will be placed on clinical reasoning and the evaluation of practice.

In year one you participate in our interprofessional foundation programme at St George’s, introducing you to the biomedical basics underpinning health science, and receive discipline-specific radiography education.

In year two you are introduced to practice and given the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills in a practice placement setting.

In the final year, the focus is on integrating your knowledge and practice skills. You will develop skills of critically evaluating your radiographic practice for your future career. You also complete a research project on a radiography related topic of your own choice.

Modules throughout the course may include:

Year one

University Campus Interprofessional Foundation Programme
University Campus Introduction to Radiography
University Campus Science and Technology 1
University Campus Personal and Professional Development 1
University Campus Skeletal and Visceral Imaging 1

Year two

University Campus Science & Technology 2
University Campus Personal & Professional Development 2
University Campus Skeletal and Visceral Imaging 2
Practice Placement Introduction to Practice
Practice Placement Application of Skills

Year three

University Campus Research Project
University Campus Integrated Radiography
University Campus Personal & Professional Development 3
Practice Placement Competence and Practice



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