This course will enable you to train as a paramedic, providing immediate assistance to patients in the emergency pre-hospital care environment.

Paramedic science teaching equipment

Teaching and learning methods

Modules are taught weekly throughout the academic year in sessions spread over two to four days a week. In addition to face-to-face learning, students spend an average of 20 hours each week working online, assimilating information, performing activities and undertaking self-directed learning. Delivery may vary from one module to another, but we will ensure you are always properly guided and advised.

Work-based placements across London are interspersed throughout the three years. These elements tend to be in blocks and you will be required to attend shifts alongside your Practice Educator’s working pattern, which will mean any day of the week undertaking shifts day and night. These help you link the theoretical knowledge with your practical experiences, so you learn how best to deliver patient care.

Assessing your progress

We employ a range of assessment methods for this course, including essays, reports presentations and exams as well as clinical practice assessments, case reviews and specific research topics.

Find out how this course is structured and assessed on the Unistats website

Paramedic Science Suite


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