This course operates as a part time, flexible programme that has been designed for working paramedics. Because of this the course is not currently eligible for support from Student Finance loan schemes. Therefore you are required to either secure sponsorship from your employer or arrange for your own independent funding prior to applying.

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If you are paying independently or have received direct support from your employer (ie they have paid you the money towards fees), then mark the application form as self-funded.

If you are receiving a bursary or sponsorship where your employer will be paying your fees, please mark the form with this highlighted.

For London Ambulance Service staff who have or will be awarded funds from the LAS bursary scheme, please indicate what percentage of your total fees will be self-funded and what percentage will be drawn from the LAS pre-paid account. We will then cross-reference your name against a list of names provided by the LAS.”

Last Updated: Thursday, 15 December 2016 11:42