We operate a modular system for this foundation degree which means the qualification is obtained by a process of credit accumulation - a model used on courses throughout the UK and Europe.


Modules are self-contained units of teaching, learning and assessment which usually run for three months. Modules may be delivered singly or in combination with other modules and are worth a fixed amount of credit; so if you pass the module you gain the appropriate number of credits which then count towards your degree.

Trainee Nursing Associates usually take modules worth 120 credits in each year of study, with a total of five modules being studied each year.

Year 1 (level 4)

You will develop a broad understanding of the knowledge base and be able to provide reasoned explanations of relevant issues.

Applied Anatomy and Physiology (30 credits)
Essence of Care (1) (30 credits)
Developing the Patient Experience (30 credits)
Specialist Skills Development for the Workforce* (15 credits)
Personal and Professional Development (15 credits)

Year 2 (level 5)

You will develop a detailed understanding of theories and concepts and be able to provide substantiated arguments relating to relevant issues.

Essence of Care (2) (30 credits)
Specialist Module: 1 Long Term Conditions Across the Lifespan (30 credits)
Specialist Module: 2 The Deteriorating Patient (30 credits)
Enhancing Care (15 credits)
Personal and Professional Development (2) (15 credits)

*In addition to generic content, the specialist modules  will also cover content related to your area of work eg mental health, perioperative care, children and young people’s care

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