Tuition fee and maintenance loans are available to help you cover the cost of your course. You do not have to repay your student loans until you are earning £21,000 or more a year and repayment is based on what you earn, not what you owe.

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Paying your tuition fees

  • Full time home and EU undergraduate students can apply for a tuition fee loan. Tuition fee loans are paid directly to the University after you enrol on your course
  • Once you have left your course and are earning £21,000 or more per year you must begin repaying your loan. You can make repayments earlier than this if you wish
  • If you are a Medicine student enrolled on an NHS funded year of study, your tuition fees will be fully or partially paid by the NHS (you need to apply for this support for every NHS-funded year). For more information, please visit our NHS-funded degrees page.

Repaying your loan quick facts

  • Repayments are based on what you earn, not what you owe.
  • You will not start to make repayments until after you have left your course and you are earning £21,000 or more a year.
  • If your income falls below £21,000, your repayments stop until you start earning £21,000 or more again.
  • You repay 9% of your income above £21,000.
  • The amount you repay depends on how much you earn. For example, if your salary was £25,000, the 9% would only apply to £4,000, meaning you would repay £30 a month.
  • All your tuition fee and maintenance loans are added together and a single repayment will be deducted from your salary, normally through the PAYE tax system.
  • Any outstanding balance is normally written off after 30 years.

The below table shows how much you would be expected to pay on various annual salary levels:


Amount of salary from which 9% repayment will be deducted

Monthly payment


















£142.00 has designed a student finance calculator to enable you to change variables such as tuition fee level, maintenance loan level and likely starting salary, to get an idea of what you'll pay back and for how long.

Rates of interest

You will be charged interest from the day your first payment is made until you loan is repaid in full. Interest is added to the total amount you owe every month.

The interest rate is based on the UK Retail Price Index (RPI) and will vary depending on your circumstances.

Interest on your loan will be applied at the UK Retail Price Index (RPI) plus 3% while you are studying and up until the April after you leave the course. From the April after you leave your course, interest will be applied at:

  • RPI if you are earning below £21,000.
  • RPI plus up to 3% on a gradual scale if you earn between £21,000 and £41,000.
  • RPI plus 3% if you earn over £41,000.

More information

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