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How Clearing and Adjustment works

Clearing and Adjustment. It's right around the corner, but how do you actually go about applying?

  • Plan ahead

    Be prepared

    From 16 August our friendly Clearing advisors will be ready to talk to you about your chosen course and whether you're eligible. Read through our How to apply with your results section to find out what information our advisors will need from you and make sure you will be able to have this to hand on results day.

    Call 0300 303 3560 for:

        Biomedical Science BSc / MSci
        Healthcare Science BSc
        Occupational Therapy BSc
        Paramedic Science BSc
        Physiotherapy BSc
        Radiography, Diagnostic BSc
        Therapeutic, Radiography BSc

    Call 0300 303 0457 for Medicine MBBS5

    Plan ahead

    Thousands of students find university places through Clearing and Adjustment on results day. Unsurprisingly, time is key. Plan ahead to save time and maximise your chances of getting into the university you want.

    Check websites and newspapers

    Many universities will list which courses they have available in Clearing, and possibly what grades they require, on their website.

    Newspapers and news outlets may publish Clearing and Adjustment listings online and in print.

    Friends, family and teachers: they’re there for you

    Friends, family and teachers are a key support network when navigating Clearing and Adjustment. Speak to them if you want to discuss your course options. Your teachers can help you understand subject matter, and speak to your friends about their experiences.

    Decide, prioritise and plan

    Even before you get your results, planning and setting contingency plans will give you peace of mind on the day.

  • How to apply with your results

    How to apply with your results

    Once you've got your qualifications, we're on hand to receive your application. Hit 'Express your interest' below to fill in our short form and a member of our Admissions team will be in touch.

    What will you need to apply?

    • Your UCAS clearing ID number (this will be displayed on the 'welcome' and 'choices' pages in UCAS Track)
    • Your UCAS personal ID number
    • Your level 2 (GCSEs) and other level 3 (or equivalent) qualifications
    • Your email address
    • A contact telephone number