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Biomedical Science BSc / MSci (with transfer into Medicine graduate entry)

Healthcare Science (Physiological Sciences) BSc

Occupational Therapy BSc

Paramedic Science BSc - applications now closed

Therapeutic, Radiography BSc

Physiotherapy BSc - applications now closed

Radiography, Diagnostic BSc - applications now closed

Medicine MBBS5 - applications now closed

Courses available

  • Biomedical Science Bsc

    Biomedical Science BSc is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of the scientific basis of human health and disease, covering fundamental aspects of cell and molecular biology, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and genetics, and progressing to the investigation of the disease process including diagnosis and treatment. The St George's programme gives you the opportunity to focus in any one of ten Biomedical Science specialisms...Learn more

  • Biomedical Science MSci

    The Biomedical Science MSci is a continuous, integrated four-year programme, aimed at students interested in science and research, providing enhanced experience and skills transferable to employment or further study, and equipping students to apply for PhD courses or research posts in industry. In addition, the generalist research skills gained, in addition to the advanced science, will be advantageous for many non-science careers...Learn more


  • Healthcare Science (Physiological Sciences) BSc

    This is an accredited NHS Clinical Physiology Practitioner Training Programme, developed under the Department of Health “Modernising Scientific Careers” initiative to train scientists for a patientcentred role within the NHS.

    Graduates are eligible for professional registration, and to apply for NHS Band 5 Clinical Physiology positions. Clinical Physiologists play a vital part in the diagnosis, management and treatment of patients within their specialist field.

    Ours is the largest course of this type and St George's is the only university in London accredited to train students in both Cardiac Physiology and Respiratory/Sleep Physiology. Students have the chance to gain academic and workplace experience in both before making an informed decision about their preferred field at the end of the first year.

    There is also the opportunity to broaden your horizons by completing a part of your clinical training at the Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde de Coimbra, in Portugal. This partnership is offered as part of the ERASMUS programme, and would allow you to take advantage of the first class facilities at this world renowned institution. As well as the potential professional opportunities studying abroad offers, it is also an invaluable social and cultural experience for any applicants to the program. Learn more...


  • Medicine MBBS

    Our 5-year Medicine course will equip you with essential knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes required to practice medicine competently and professionally in a patient-centred, multidisciplinary environment. Students who complete the course are awarded a primary medical qualification called the MBBS and are then eligible to undertake the General Medical Council Foundation Programme. Learn more...


  • Occupational Therapy BSc

    As an Occupational Therapy graduate you will work collaboratively with individuals to help them set and achieve goals to live their lives to the fullest. You will focus on helping them participate in the roles and activities they want to, despite any challenges they might face.

    Occupational Therapists work with children and adults of all ages in a range of settings including health organisations, social care, housing, education, prisons, employment services, voluntary organisations, and in private practice. They work with clients with challenges including mental health problems, physical illnesses or disabilities and learning disabilities. Learn more...


  • Paramedic Science Bsc

    The BSc in Paramedic Science is designed to develop you into an effective clinician with the capability of responding to, and managing, life-threatening emergency situations from cardiac arrest to multi-system trauma. You will also cover minor illness and injury as managing these types of patient calls, along with chronic conditions, are the main part of a paramedic’s work load. The programme will train you in out-of- hospital care, mental health, social needs, maternity, chronic conditions, pharmacology and trauma. Learn more...


  • Physiotherapy BSc - applications now closed

    The Physiotherapy BSc programme explores concepts, principles and theories of anatomy, physiology, movement, therapeutic exercise, electro-physical modalities and health promotion. You will leave equipped with the knowledge, understanding and assessment and treatment skills needed to work as an effective physiotherapist. Learn more...


  • Radiography, Diagnostic BSc (Hons)

    The Diagnostic Radiography BSc course will equip you to use technology, such as X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT and MRI, to make high-quality clinical images of the internal structure and workings of the body, in order to detect and monitor disease and the effects of trauma. Learn more...


  • Therapeutic Radiography BSc

    The Therapeutic Radiography BSc equips you with the knowledge, technical expertise and care skills needed to plan and deliver radiotherapy treatment to patients with cancer. You will learn how to use advanced radiotherapy equipment and digital technology such as CT scanners in a safe and responsible manner to target the tumour with millimetre accuracy, delivering the maximum dose with minimum impact on healthy tissue. Learn more...