Teaching is delivered through a variety of methods such as large group lectures shared with other postgraduate students, course-specific seminars and small group sessions. You will also participate in self-directed study and wider reading, as well as individual and group practical sessions.

Teaching and learning methods

The MSc in Sports Cardiology will utilise teaching styles that are tailored to your individual needs. Teaching will predominantly consist of small group sessions, tutorials and one-to-one case based learning to allow more hands-on tasks to support the academic learning experience. You will also participate in self-directed study and wider reading. At the start of the course you will be assigned an educational supervisor. The educational supervisor will be responsible for monitoring academic your progress and welfare.

Self-directed study

Self-directed study is an important component of all modules and includes the in-depth study of taught areas in order to cement knowledge of different aspects in sports cardiology. Self-directed study will include; developing projects and developing presentation skills. During the first term you will familiarise yourself with research activity within the department and identify an appropriate project which will form your thesis. Project titles and areas for research will be identified by the educational supervisor and module leaders but will accommodate for your individual interests.

Assessment methods

The assessment strategy comprises of formative and summative assessment, in which you will be provided with timely feedback to enhance the quality of your learning. Formative assessments will vary between modules to allow a variety of opportunities for you to demonstrate your learning. Summative assessments of all modules include written assignments or oral presentations. Summative assessments will help you to critically review published work, use appropriate experimental design and analyse data. It also enables you to develop scientific writing and presentation skills.

To be eligible for the full MSc award in Sports Cardiology, you must complete a research project in the form of a dissertation or an article based on conducted research submitted to a peer-reviewed journal, indexed in PubMed. In addition you will be required to perform an oral presentation of your work which will be critically appraised by examiners. You will be strongly encouraged to present your research at scientific conferences.

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