Help meet the ever growing need for cardiologists with an in-depth knowledge of Sports Cardiology in areas such as; the drive for a healthier lifestyle, the growing population of amateur athletes, with 2.5 million marathon runs per year in Europe, alone; and the commitment of sporting organisations to pre-participation screening.  

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Currently, physicians with no formal training in sports cardiology perform the majority of athlete evaluations. Given the complexities of the field, individuals with limited knowledge and experience are likely to resort to numerous, costly, and often redundant investigations. This has huge implications for health services around the world. Such practice has the potential for causing delays in the athlete’s clearance for competition and false disqualification.

MSc Sports Cardiology aims to address the lack of structured training in the field and enhance the qualifications of physicians, physiologists, physiotherapists and sports scientists who are committed to training in cardiology, sports medicine or exercise physiology. Our course provides you with a unique degree and highly sought after set of skills.

A formal MSc degree in sports cardiology will set you apart and will provide you with unique employment opportunities within national health systems, sporting organisations and charitable organisations dedicated to sport and prevention of sudden cardiac death.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 11 April 2018 14:35