Teaching will be delivered at both St George’s and King's sites and will include a variety of methods including lectures, seminars, workshops and online formats. 

Students in the corridor at St George's

Progress throughout the course will be assessed through a variety of methods, including MCQ, written and oral presentations.

Face-to-face teaching for each module typically occurs across 4 or 5 consecutive working days (see the module dates).  Teaching will combine a mixture of didactic lectures to provide key theory and concepts and interactive tutorials and workshops allowing students to apply this new knowledge and skills. 

Three Massive Online Open Courses have been designed to support student learning outside of this face-to-face teaching time (possibly put in link to MOOCs).  Students will have time between these blocks of teaching to embed their knowledge through recommended reading and to prepare their assignments.  Being a modular programme, there is no final exam; instead each module has two assessments associated with it which, when passed, allows the accumulation of academic credit (15 credits per taught module).

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