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After your course has ended, you should have additional time on your Tier 4 visa to remain in the UK. If your course is 12 months or more, you should be given an additional four months after the end date of your course as stated on your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). This extra time can be used for applying for a new visa in order to work or undertake further studies.

Provided you have successfully completed your studies, you can work full-time from the course end date until your visa expires. However, you are still expected to observe the working conditions attached to your visa, which include:

  • Not filling a permanent vacancy (unless you have applied for a Tier 2 visa having successfully completed a degree-level qualification or higher. If so, you can start work before your application is decided, even if it’s a permanent vacancy).

  • Not becoming self-employed (unless you have applied for a Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa. If so, you can start working on your business while you wait to hear back from UKVI).

  • Not working as a doctor in training (except on a recognised Foundation Programme) or a professional sportsperson or entertainer.

If you apply for the doctorate extension scheme you can fill a permanent vacancy, be self-employed or work as a professional entertainer as long as you have successfully completed your qualification.

We recommend that you do not travel during the period from your course completion date to your visa expiry date, since you may have trouble re-entering the UK because you are no longer studying. This is particularly important for you if you want to stay in the UK to apply for a new visa.


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