By combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience, this course explores concepts, principles and theories of anatomy, physiology, movement, therapeutic exercise, electro-physical modalities and health promotion.

Your first year is primarily university based and involves studying alongside medical, radiography, healthcare science and biomedical students. This interprofessional education helps you develop invaluable communication and team working skills.

Years two and three combine academic modules and clinical practice based on robust scientific evidence. As you learn to integrate theory with core practical skills, you will also learn how to manage the rehabilitation of patients with the help of our specialist clinicians.

A comprehensive research project in year three puts your analytical skills to the test, and clinical placements require you to work at high levels of safety, competency and autonomy.

Year one

Taught Interprofessional Education Programme.
Taught Assessment, Structure and Function: introduces the physiology and biomechanics of human structure and function and associated physiotherapy assessment skills.
Taught Factors Influencing Professional Practice: introduces professional skills, critical thinking and foundation research skills for healthcare practice.
Taught Pathology, Health Promotion and Rehabilitation: introduces common pathology in physiotherapy practice and outlines the role of the physiotherapist in rehabilitation and health promotion.

Year two

Taught Integrating Clinical Concepts
Taught Research Methods
Taught Management of Neuromusculoskeletal Dysfunction
Taught Management of Complex Cardiorespiratory Dysfunction
Taught Neurological Rehabilitation
Clinical Three, five-week clinical and practical placements

Year three

Taught Biology of Cancer
Taught Physiotherapy in context
Taught Taught Interprofessional Debate/Management
Taught Critical Reflection and Reasoning
Clinical Three, five-week clinical and practical placements

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