A St George's Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was celebrated on 26 November this year and some St George’s students had the opportunity to experience it first hand. St George’s student Michelle Moshiri shares her thoughts on celebrating it as a student in the UK.


@GlobalSGUL end of 2014 highlights reel!

2014 has been the busiest year ever in the international office, so we took a breath and have put together our top ten for the year! Without further ado, and in no particular order:

  • December has seen great news. St George’s was ranked fourth in the UK for the impact of our research on the global community in the results of the Research Excellence Framework. Similarly linked to the impact of our research, we were also notified that the South London-based Genomics Network Alliance has been announced as a successful bidder in the race to become a pioneering Genomic Medicine Centre in the UK – we are proud!
  • Every day we see the spirit shown, and the sheer breadth of activities undertaken, by our students. Just as an example, this term saw ‘show season’ – including the Diwali and fashion shows, and a huge range of Student Union activities – social media cannot do them justice…

  • The Tooting Top Ten awards, as voted by our international students. The Underground station, and its ‘thought for the day’ won 1st prize – this initiative really illustrated the support and opportunity on offer across our locality for our students.

New to Novia Scotia

Following our adventures in snowy Toronto, we travelled on to Halifax and to be part of the UK in Canada ‘pop up consulate event’ in the city, a key outreach activity for the UK consulate general in Canada. The weeklong activities in Halifax really resonated with us as St George’s – steeped in a history of close relationships, but also highly distinctive. The educationally focused event, organized again by the British Council and introduced by the UK’s deputy high commissioner, allowed us again to present briefly on the opportunities available to Canadian students and to meet with interested students. The post-event reception showcased the great range of activities being undertaken by the UK’s representatives across Canada, including by our partners UK Trade and Investment, and we enjoyed meeting new and old partners (and the Mayor) at City Hall.

Whilst in Halifax, we were also fortunate to meet with Dalhousie University’s School of Health and Human Performance - an initial session identifying a number of different collaborative opportunities, particularly relating to Rehabilitation Science, taking advantage hopefully of the spirit of collaboration and adventure within our universities and our students. We were able to similarly meet with the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education and parted with an intention to carry on our discussions with Faculty at the universities – watch this space…

So a fascinating week – all made possible by the students, counsellors and friends we spent time with. So many opportunities to follow up and develop - a big thank you to all our hosts, and we look forward to talking soon!

Thanks for reading – you can find out more about our activities via Facebook or Twitter – until next time…

St George's Singapore spring

St George’s has long welcomed students from the Lion City. Singaporean students’ excellent levels of academic achievement and great enthusiasm for health care careers have made them a significant presence at St George’s, and it was with this background in mind that I arrived in the tropical city-state to meet prospective students, school counsellors and alumni.

And in terms of both enthusiasm and potential, I was not disappointed. At all nine of the high schools which we were privileged to visit, I was struck not only by the level of preparation and background knowledge of the students whom I met, but also by their realistic attitude in terms of the challenges ahead of them as prospective medics, physiotherapists and biomedical scientists.

Such enthusiasm was in plentiful evidence at Raffles Institution, the oldest school in Singapore, founded by the British in 1823. Raffles Institution, fittingly, is the alma mater of Dr Jade Chow, formerly associate dean for medicine at St George’s, University of London who has recently moved on to take up a new post at our long term partner, the International Medical University (IMU) in Malaysia after 26 years of service to St George’s. Dr Chow worked closely with our overseas students in her role as tutor for international students, and we organised a farewell dinner for her, with our alumni who have settled into life in Singapore.. Long term partnerships were in plentiful evidence at this event as well – including Taufique Ahmed and Nor Lenny Abdullah (2002) – who met and fell in love at St George’s and are currently based in Singapore, plus two other Singaporean alumni and their fiancées, so love was all around! Conversation focused on the differences, both subtle and major, between Singaporean and UK health care – we are grateful to our alumni and guests for making time in their busy schedules to provide me with some continuing professional development!

Jade was also able to join me for the Education UK Exhibition, Singapore, which was held for the first time at the Suntec Exhibition Centre, rather than the smaller hotel venue where it had previously been located – testament to the double-digit year-on-year growth in enrolments at UK universities by Singaporean students; the transition was handled with customary efficiency and professionalism by the British Council team. Over 100 attended our presentation on Studying Medicine in the UK, and the St George’s, University of London stand was very busy throughout the day.

The Home Front: Hard Yards

At the international office we’re conscious that our previous blogs may have seemed rather like travelogues, so for our latest instalment we thought we’d look at some of the initiatives around international activities rather closer to home. The UK is the base – usually for study purposes – to the largest group of international applicants to St George’s, so much of our recruitment and outreach activities take place right here in Blighty. Last week was typical of our varied activities on the home front. It began with the chance to get to know Cardiff Sixth Form College at their annual cultural event at the beautiful Cardiff City Hall. CSFC is an international college with students from all over the world, and has recently been ranked top in the UK for its A level results. Students showed that they are not only academically gifted, but that they also have a range of musical and dance skills – perfect for the only university in history to hold the title for both music and dance titles in the Face Off inter-university music and dance competition! We are very much looking forward to hosting CSFC prospective medics for a residential Taste of Medicine summer school this August.

Cardiff Sixth Form College students strut their stuff at their annual cultural event