Teresa Lai, 21, chose to study Biomedical Science as a potential route into medicine. But the course opened her horizons to other scientific careers. After graduating from St George's in 2018, she is now looking forward to beginning her postgraduate studies in eating disorders at UCL.

Teresa Lai 800w

“When I took up a place on the Biomedical Science course, I wanted to do Medicine, which is the same story for a lot of people I think. What I found though was that studying Biomedical Science opened up a lot of doors for me. There are so many opportunities out there in scientific careers that I had never really considered before. Now that I have graduated, I'm not thinking about becoming a doctor. Instead, I am going on to do a postgraduate degree in eating disorders at UCL.

“I love the close-knit community at St George's. We are all big fish in a small pond and you can form really close relationships with other students but also feel supported by the staff.

“My advice to those thinking about studying Biomedical Science is to keep an open mind and not just see it as a potential route into medicine.”

Last Updated: Friday, 14 September 2018 09:37