Soraya Nazerali-Lorenzon and Isabelle Ziarko, both 24, spent six years at St George's having intercalated while completing their respective medical degrees. The Canadians' family ties had a strong influence on them ending up at St George's.

Soraya Nazerali Lorenzon and Isabelle Ziarko 800w

Soraya and Isabelle, 24-year-old international students, both came from Canada to study medicine in London. They spent six years at St George's, choosing to intercalate for a year meaning they leave St George's with two degrees – a BSc and an MBBS.

Soraya was inspired to study medicine at St George's by her brother, who has also completed a medical degree here. She said: “Studying at St George's has been a wonderful experience. One of my lasting memories is the hours and hours of studying with friends in the many cafes and pubs around Tooting including practising for our OCSE exams in a pub garden.

“My advice to new students would be to take the time to enjoy your time here without worrying – your colleagues will pull you through.”

Isabelle's decision to study in the UK was also influenced by a family connection as her sister lives here. Isabelle was particularly drawn to St George's because she loved that it shared its site with a hospital. On her studies she says, “It has been a difficult at times, but the best six years of my life.”

She enjoys the patient contact element of working as a physician because, “everyone is completely different and it is really lovely getting to know people.”

“Like Soraya, I have many happy memories of studying in and around Tooting with my best friends. I wouldn't have made it through without them!”

Last Updated: Friday, 14 September 2018 16:26