Elodia Dalmonte, 28, applied to the St George's medicine course as she wanted to study and live in London. At graduation, she reflected on how St George's focus on skills such as communication and empathy set her university experience apart.

Elodia Dalmonte 800w

“I really wanted to stay in London to study medicine and that's why I applied to St George's. People say it all the time but it is such a friendly place and the teaching staff really try and help you out. It's a supportive environment and that's what helps make a very difficult four years more bearable.

“For me, the thing that sets St George's apart from other medical schools is its focus on teaching medical students great communication skills. There's a lot of importance put on creating great doctors who don't just have the practical and academic skills but are also able to empathise with the patient and their families and see them first and foremost as people. It's helped me prepare to work and to deal with the situations I might find myself in.

“My advice to anyone who might be thinking about taking Medicine is to get ready to work really hard and try not to worry too much – everyone at St George's wants you to succeed.”

Last Updated: Monday, 17 September 2018 11:25