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A picture of Omkar Deodhar

Omkar Deodhar worked as a Clearing agent during this year’s Clearing and Adjustment process at St George’s.

Ordinarily the management of the Clearing and Adjustment process takes place on campus, however, the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that it has had to take place remotely this year with St George’s pioneering a wholly digital application process, while still retaining a supportive and friendly service for applicants.

“As a Clearing agent, we understand that we will be interacting with prospective students during a very stressful time of their lives. Applying to university can be very trying, so being empathetic and understanding of their situation is essential.

“The online system we use to process applications works very well for applicants,” says Omkar of the new digital approach, which uses a bespoke system built at St George’s.  

“There are several different parts to the process which reflect the different stages of making a Clearing application. They include assessing an application to see if they meet the criteria for an interview or an offer; checking an applicant’s details to see if they match the data on UCAS; and calling applicants to confirm an offer of study.

“Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed working during Clearing. The training felt intense at first, but was really useful and all the staff working in Clearing, including my fellow Clearing agents, are incredibly friendly and approachable. The job is challenging but also rewarding as it requires me to be dynamic and flexible.

“I feel like a valued member of the team, and never feel shy raising something with my supervisors. It’s fulfilling to be part of something bigger than myself.”

Beyond Clearing and Adjustment, Omkar, who is currently intercalating having completed the penultimate year of medicine last academic year, shares his advice for new students at St George’s, “Firstly, I would say, welcome! And secondly, congratulations! We look forward to welcoming you to our university and hope that you make the most of it!

“At university, you will not only study, but also grow and develop as a person. Take advantage of as many of the opportunities available to you at St George’s as you can. Also, bear in mind that, whilst exams are very important, you are not learning solely to pass them, but also to gain skills and experience that will be useful to you in your future careers.

“Try to keep your curiosity alive during your studies and, if at all possible, throughout your life! By doing this you will not only learn more, but also enjoy the process of learning itself.”


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