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Many of our courses involve a selection interview which is aligned to the NHS values. If you apply to us through Clearing or Adjustment you may need to have an interview.

All our interviews will be conducted remotely, in line with social distancing guidelines. They will either be done via telephone or as a remote multiple mini interview (MMI) for which you will need to record videos of your interiew answers.

Whether you will need to have an interview and what kind it is depends on which course you applied for:

  • No interview required: Clinical Pharmacology BSc

  • Telephone interview: Healthcare Science BSc

Information about our interviews

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How do I prepare?

We understand that you may be nervous, but we want you to feel able to be yourself in the interview – we’re not trying to trip you up. We recommend you do 2 things to prepare for your interview.

  1. Consider the course you are applying for and why you want to study at St George’s. Think about why you are suited to this course, and how your experience has already prepared you for this opportunity.

  2. Read the advice below carefully about technically preparing for your interview. Whether you are being interviewed over the phone, or by submitting a remote MMI, technical difficulties may occur so we have compiled a guide on how to minimise the chance of technology getting in your way. 

Why we interview?

Our interviews are designed to help us assess your academic potential. Our assessors want to see how motivated you are, and your enthusiasm for your subject.

We don’t base our decisions on your appearance or background, but on your ability to think independently and engage with new ideas beyond your school or college syllabus. We want to see your skills beyond what we’ve read on your UCAS form. 

Who will interview/assess me?

Whether you have a telephone interview or submit an MMI, the people that interview and assess you will be experienced academic tutors who teach and research at the University or lay people. 

All of our interviewers have been trained on how to assess interviews fairly and consistently.

How long will the interview take?

Depending on the interview format, it will take between 30 and 45 minutes and will consist of six to eight questions.

We recommend allowing yourself at least an hour for your interview in case of technical difficulties.

How to prepare for your interview

Telephone interviews

Telephone interviews are required for the following courses:

  • Healthcare Science BSc

If we offer you a telephone interview, you will be asked to accept your invitation before we schedule a date and time range for your interview.

Your interview ID will begin with a T.

You will be called by one of our experienced senior course academics for the course you applied for.

Unfortunately, because of the large number of applicants and the fast-moving nature of Clearing and Adjustment, we won’t necessarily be able to give you a precise time when you will be called. Telephone interviews will be conducted from 9am to 8pm. 

Preparing for a telephone interview

Before your interview, check your phone number is correct on UCAS track.

On the day of your interview, make sure your telephone is fully charged and able to receive calls, and ensure you have a quiet room in which you can have you telephone interview. You may wish to also have some water in case you need it.

If you encounter problems

If you come across a problem you can’t solve during the interview process, including trouble recording or uploading your file, please contact us at

Please include in your email your full name, interview ID, course, and date of interview


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