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Clearing is now closed

All of our courses are full and have no places available in Clearing. You may find the information below helpful for future applications.

Government changes to A Level results

Read our response to the government's announcement regarding A Level results.

If you are considering applying to us for the first time, or were not successful with an application through Clearing, your centre-assessed grades may now qualify you to study on one of our available courses. Please apply now by completing the online application form.

If you have applied to us through Clearing and are still awaiting a decision, or have already received a Clearing offer, you may now wish to be considered for an alternative course at St George’s. Please contact us first before making a new application as you may not need to reapply. Call us on 0300 303 0457.

We've collated a list of FAQs to help you find your answer quickly. If your query isn't answered here, you can also get in touch with the Clearing team.

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When does Clearing open?

Main Clearing and Adjustment opens on Thursday 13 August (A Level results day).  

What information will I need to apply?

You will need the following information to hand when you are making your application online:  

  • UCAS Personal ID number 

  • Your level 2 qualifications and grades (GCSEs, etc) 

  • Your level 3 qualifications and grades (A Levels, International Baccalaureate, etc) 

  • UCAT or GAMSAT score (for Medicine applications) 

  • The course(s) you wish to apply for 

Will I have an interview?

All interviews will be conducted remotely this year – [[[NBSP]]] either as a phone interview or as a video multi mini interview (MMI). 

Whether you will need to have an interview and what kind it is depends on which course you are applying for:

  • No interview required: Biomedical Science BSc, Clinical Pharmacology BSc

  • Telephone interview: Healthcare Science BSc, Paramedic Science BSc, Occupational Therapy BSc

  • Video MMI: Medicine (MBBS), Physiotherapy MSc and BSc, Diagnostic Radiography BSc, Therapeutic Radiography BSc

How can I get in touch with the Clearing team?

You can get in touch with the Clearing team by emailing

What's the earliest date I can get in touch with St George's about a Clearing application?
In the first instance please make your application online via our website. However, you can contact the Clearing team at or call 0300 303 0457 from 10am - 4pm Monday to Friday from 6 July till 29 July 2020, and then again from 13 August 2020.
If I register my interest in Clearing via the website, will this add me to a waiting list?

If you register your interest via our website, we will send you email updates and reminders, but you will not be added to a waiting list, and will still need to apply online when you have your results.

Do you accept applications through Adjustment?
Yes, we will be accepting applications for some of our courses through Adjustment from 13 August 2020. You can apply online via our website.
Will you change the entry criteria for courses during Clearing?
For some of our courses, we may be accepting slightly lower grades during Clearing than we do in the main admissions cycle. If you are interested in a course and you have achieved grades that fall just below our published criteria, please do apply in the usual way. If we are not able to consider you for your preferred course, we may be able to suggest an alternative course that you are eligible to apply for.
Can I apply during Clearing with extenuating circumstances?
We will not be considering extenuating circumstances during Clearing. If you would like to apply to one of our courses with extenuating circumstances, we would welcome an application from you from autumn 2020 for 2021 entry.
I'm a graduate, can I apply for MBBS 5 in Clearing?
There’s a possibility we may accept some graduate applicants for the five-year MBBS course through Clearing if we have places. You will need a 2.1 or above in your undergraduate degree and either a UCAT or GAMSAT score.
If I have sat my UCAT/GAMSAT during 2020, can I apply to MBBS5 Medicine during Clearing 2020?

No. We will not consider scores that have been achieved during 2020 for Clearing.

When should I refer myself to you on UCAS Track?

Please only refer yourself to us on UCAS Track if  you have received an offer to study. If you do receive an offer to study, we will send you instructions on how to refer yourself to us on UCAS Track at the appropriate time. Applying via our online Clearing form, and/or being invited to attend an interview are not considered an offer to study. 

Can I apply if I have unsuccessfully applied during this application year? (pre-interview AND post-interview)
If you were unsuccessful during the main cycle as you did not meet our academic requirements, and you have achieved higher grades than predicted, you are able to re-apply during Clearing. If you were unsuccessful during the main cycle following an interview, unfortunately we are unable to accept another application from you through Clearing.
Can my parent/guardian/teacher call on my behalf to ask questions about Clearing?
If you have confirmed a ‘nominated contact’ with UCAS, we are able to discuss your application with them. We will not discuss your application in its entirety with any other individual, but are happy to provide general advice and guidance.
Can I apply for accommodation once I have accepted and confirmed my offer for St George's?

Yes, you will receive information about applying for accommodation in your formal offer email from the Admissions team. We do our best to ensure that all first-year students are guaranteed a room in our Halls of Residence. You will be able to apply for accommodation the day after accepting your offer.   


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