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Exhibitions / equipment demonstrations

Exhibitions can be arranged in the open plan meeting room, Corridor 7, Level 2, Jenner Wing.

Please contact Ian Connoley to discuss and arrange equipment demonstrations.  

Demonstration of equipment involves arranging a laboratory and/or a space to conduct the demonstration, contacting the supplier to arrange delivery of the equipment to be demonstrated, negotiating a time period that will be suitable to fully test the equipment, and finally contacting the supplier to arrange the collection and return the equipment.

There is no charge to the supplier for these exhibitions.

Glass washers

We maintain three wash-up rooms within Jenner Wing found at:

  • Room 2.264B corridor 9, level 2,

  • Room 2.114 corridor 4, level 2,

  • Room 1.124 corridor 4, level 1.

All wash-up rooms have Miele glasswashers and LEEC drying cabinets installed to clean, wash and dry laboratory glassware dishwasher safe supplies.

To be trained on the operation of the washing machines please contact any of the following:

In the event of breakdown or problems with the glasswashers, please contact: Ian Connoley or Isabelle Crevel

Lab coats

We supply and launder lab coats and these are stored in room 2.115, on Corridor 4, level 2, Jenner Wing.

As you enter room 2.115, clean laboratory coats can be found on the left hand-side on a hanging rail and also in the cupboard at the end of the room.

Used lab coats can be sent for cleaning by placing into the designated bins at the end of the room. They will be sent away to the laundry service and restocked.

For further information, please contact Gavin Linkson or Michael O’Reilly.

Pipette servicing

We organise a pipette send away servicing and on-site pipette clinics.

A pipette clinic can be arranged to service, calibrate and repair single and multi-channel pipettes either on St George’s site or by sending your pipettes to Gilson or Starlabs, please contact Penny Lympany or Ian Connoley to discuss costs and a time to arrange the pipette servicing.

Water systems and ice availability

We hold a number of PureFlex Ultrapure 18 Mega Ohm water systems throughout Jenner Wing to deliver the high water quality.

Read the Flex quick reference guide (PDF)

We have a number of ice flakers housed in Jenner Wing in locations below:

  • Wash-up room 1.124, corridor 4, Level 1,

  • Laboratory 2.259, corridor 9, level 2,

  • Wash-up room 2.246B, corridor 9, level 2,

  • Ice flaker outside room 2.164, corridor 6, level 2,

  • Lab 2.053, corridor 3, level 2.


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