National Programme on Substance Abuse Death (NPSAD)

Data on addicts’ mortality has been gathered by St George’s since the late 1960s and was entered onto the Mortality Study database which developed into the National Programme on Substance Abuse Deaths (NPSAD). NPSAD was formally established in 1997, and its aim is to collect and analyse data in a systematic way from various sources to inform policy makers, clinicians, researchers and media on risks associated with premature death due to the misuse of drugs, both licit and illicit.

Substance Misuse in the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum

The use and misuse of alcohol, drugs and tobacco is one of the greatest health challenges today.  It impacts on patients, their families, and the community in general. Those who misuse substances will inevitably be seen by doctors, who therefore have a vital role to play in recognising substance misuse and in assessing and managing the problems associated with this. Substance misuse as a subject in the medical curriculum does not have a high profile, and it is timely that this project seeks to address this. If our future doctors are to succeed in dealing with the problem of substance misuse they require a better understanding of the problem and the interventions which are available.


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