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The Zeiss LSM 510 Meta confocal microscope is fitted with a Solent Scientific incubation chamber which provides temperature and CO2 control, facilitating live imaging.

With a range of laser lines and objectives, plus the spectral unmixing capability of the Meta scanhead, this system offers flexible imaging solutions for both fixed and live samples, allowing the imaging of a variety of fluorophores and sample types.

The ZEN software provides an easy to use, modular control interface for operation of the microscope, and includes analysis capabilities allowing the measurement of fluorescent intensity, sample dimensions, and a multitude of other useful data modes, as well as the addition of annotations, scale bars, and regions of interest for the presentation of images.

Please contact us with inquiries about the suitability of this system for your sample.


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Zeiss LSM 510 META confocal microscope (inverted)
  • 10x Zeiss plan-neofluar air, 0.3 NA

  • 20x Zeiss plan-apochromat air, 0.75 NA

  • 40x Zeiss plan-neofluar oil, 1.3 NA, DIC

  • 63X Zeiss plan-apochromat oil, 1.4 NA, DIC

Laser Lines
  • Enterprise, 80mW:  351 and 364nm

  • Argon ion laser, 30 mW :458, 477, 488 and 514nm

  • Helium-Neon laser, 1mW: 543 nm

  • Helium-Neon laser, 15mW: 633 nm


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