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The epifluorescent Time Lapse microscope consists of the Zeiss Axiovert 135 chassis with a QIClick CCD Camera for imaging brightfield and fluorescence. The Volocity software suite controls the camera and microscope filters, allowing for time lapse imaging at user-specified periods.

A Solent Scientific incubation chamber with humifidier allows temperature ande gas control for maintenance of live samples over time.


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Zeiss Axiovert 135 (inverted)
  • 10x HMC A10 0.25NA

  • 10x Zeiss Achrostigmat 0.25NA Ph1

  • 20x Modulation Optics INC HMS 0.4NA LWD

  • 20x Zeiss LD A-Plan 0.3NA Ph1

  • 40x Zeiss LD A-Plan 0.5NA Ph2

QImaging QIClick CCD Camera 1392x1040


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