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The Bio-Rad Radiance E2100 is fitted to a Nikon E800 upright microscope.

A laser scanning confocal microscope, the Bio-Rad E2100 can perform confocal fluorescent imaging with minimal fluorophore crosstalk. Features such as spectral unmixing and photon counting can be carried out using this system.

A wide range of high-NA objectives and variety of available laser wavelengths make this a versatile upright confocal microscope for imaging fixed samples and high magnification and resolution.


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  • 4x Nikon Plan Apo, 0.2 NA

  • 10x Nikon Plan Apo air, 0.45 NA

  • 20x Nikon Plan Fluor MImm, 0.75 NA

  • 40x Nikon Plan Fluor oil, 1.30 NA

  • 60x Nikon Plan Apo oil, 1.40 NA

  • 100x Nikon Plan Apo oil, 1.40 NA

Laser Lines 
  • Krypton/Argon (KR/Ar) Laser, 50 mW: 457nm, 476nm, 488nm and  514nm

  • Green Helium Neon (HeNe) 1,5 mW: 543nm

  • Red Laser Diode 5mW: 637nm


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