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We have taken urgent action to respond to coronavirus, releasing staff with clinical roles to devote more time to treating patients, providing research scientists to contribute to the laboratory-based diagnostic effort and re-purposing our research laboratories to support the expansion of NHS pathology services. We are also contributing to national and local discussions about the ethical dimensions of policy and clinical practice in relation to Covid-19.

Extending our impact to the care of patients globally, nearly 20,000 people from over 150 countries are taking our new online course, 'Managing Covid-19 in General Practice', learning about the epidemiology, clinical symptoms and signs of Covid-19, as well as protocols to help them in their work managing the disease.

Our expanding portfolio of research projects relating to Covid-19 includes:

  • work on a rapid antibody test designed to tell if people have coronavirus or not 

  • research to understand the biology of the disease 

  • national and international trials for potential treatments.

Read more about how St George's researchers are tackling coronavirus.

Our coronavirus researchers

Researchers focused on tackling coronavirus, or ready to start work, are listed below.

NameArea of research

Dr Tarek Antonios

Cardiovascular risks in Covid-19

Professor Deborah Baines

Covid-19 in existing chronic respiratory disease

Professor Elijah Behr

Sudden cardiac death and genetics of Covid-19

Dr Tihana Bicanic

Clinical trials in Covid-19

Dr Tim Bull

Cat3 training, sample processing and analysis

Professor Phil Butcher

Biosecurity in Covid-19

Dr Anissa Chikh

Cellular targets of SARS-CoV-2

Dr Sue Cotterill

Targeted peptide therapies for Covid-19

Professor Phil Cooper

Managing Covid-19 outbreak in Quito, Ecuador

Professor Julia Critchley

Covid-19 in patients with diabetes mellitus

Professor Gus Dalgleish

Cellular tropism and immunotherapy in management of Covid-19

Dr Kirsty Le Doare

Maternal Covid-19 and transmission of infection to neonates; vaccine studies

Professor Jon Friedland

Long-term fibrosis and platelet biology in Covid-19 patients: migrant health

Professor Peter Garrard

Cough, symptoms and the diagnosis of Covid-19

Professor Steve Goodbourn

Virology of Covid-19

Dr Elisabetta Groppelli

Virology of Covid-19

Dr Sally Hargreaves

Impact of Covid-19 on migrant health

Professor Tom Harrison

Clinical trials in Covid-19

Professor Paul Heath

Vaccine studies in Covid-19; maternal and neonatal infection

Dr Kai Hilpert

Anti-microbial peptides against SARS-CoV2

Dr Jason Hinds

Multiplex assays for Covid-19 markers

Professor Franklyn Howe

MRI changes in the brains of Covid-19 patients

Professor Sanjeev Krishna

Watch this video to hear Sanjeev Krishna talking about his work on Novel Diagnostics in Covid-19.

Professor Julian Ma

Production of neutralising monoclonal antibodies for Covid-19 immunotherapy

Professor Derek Macallan

Cellular immune responses in Covid-19

Professor Joan Morris

Health outcomes in women infected with Covid-19 during pregnancy

Dr Tim Planche

Novel diagnostics in Covid-19

Professor Rajko Reljic

Developing vaccines for Covid-19

Professor Tariq Sadiq

Novel diagnostics in Covid-19

Professor Mary Sheppard

The pathology of the heart in Covid-19

Professor Nidhi Sofat

Clinical trials of potential treatments in Covid-19

Dr Henry Staines

Novel diagnostics in Covid-19

Dr Blair Strang

Virology of SARS-CoV2

Dr Joseph Westaby

 Post-mortem pathology in Covid-19

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