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We are proud of the vital role St George’s researchers are playing in the response to the coronavirus pandemic. Our scientists are investigating the diagnostics and treatment of coronavirus, as well as the development of a vaccine. To support their vital work and help our scientists shape a healthier future we launched the Coronavirus Action Fund in May 2020. 

Here, you can read about our community’s efforts to raise money to support the fund.

Julian Ma, Director of the Institute for Infection and Immunity at St George's, adds:

“Any donations to our Covid research fund are going to be valuable. They will be used carefully, to support innovative research ideas that will seed the development of new medical approaches against Covid-19.  Whilst the government are focusing funding into research that has immediate impact on the current pandemic, we will also be targeting research for longer term impact against Covid-19 and any future infection outbreaks.”

Fundraising stories

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 Help our scientists combat coronavirus and improve health.  Help our scientists combat coronavirus and improve health. Help our scientists combat coronavirus and improve health. 


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