The Institute for Infection and Immunity is driving improvements in healthcare through its extensive programmes of research on globally important pathogens, immune system function and immune responses to infection and chronic disease.


Studying infection

Our research spans a wide range of bacterial, viral, fungal and parasite infections, their interactions with the host and host immune responses, as well as susceptibility to infection in a range of pathological conditions. We have significant interests in diagnostics development, drug and vaccine development and optimisation of therapeutic regimes for infectious disease.

Research and clinical practice

We have a strong focus on healthcare priorities and practical application. There is a close and efficient integration between research and clinical practice, which is achieved through extensive links with clinicians and public health specialists. 

Our association with the specialist adult and paediatric infection services at St George’s Hospital places us in a privileged position to investigate new and emerging infections. Our links with other clinical specialties enable us to explore the interplay between infection and a range of common diseases, particularly cancer and respiratory conditions.

Our global work

We work with scientists all around the world and lead a number of academic, public-private and international research consortia. We also have a long track record of partnership with small biotechnology companies and large pharmaceutical corporations, ensuring that our medical innovations benefit patients.

Our connection with St George’s Hospital provides a focus on UK healthcare, but our research also reflects the great burden of disease in low and middle-income countries. In particular we focus on:

  • tuberculosis
  • malaria
  • HIV
  • pneumococcal, cryptococcal and parasitic worm infections

Our researchers lead clinical trial collaborations across Europe, Africa, South America and South-East Asia, to address these major global threats to health.

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