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We offer flow cytometry support for two multi-user BD flow cytometers – a FACS Calibur and a FACS Canto. These machines are covered by a maintenance contract and are regularly serviced by experienced BD engineers.

Cell sorting is also available using BD Melody. For more information, please contact the staff listed at the bottom of the page.

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Want to use this service?

Users with flow cytometry experience may be given access to two multi-users cytometers on receipt of a St George’s budget code. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to provide training. We will get users logged onto systems and access to Flow Room. Reagents are provided but users supply their own controls etc.

Users are expected to follow start up and shut down protocols and leave machines clean after use. Bookings are currently made manually via A4 diaries kept in Flow Room.


Cytometer usage is invoiced regularly.

  • FACS Calibur is charged at £10 per hour with a minimum charge of £10.

  • FACS Canto is charged at £30 per hour with a minimum charge of £30.

Responsible personnel

Dr Isabelle Crevel

Mrs Joanna Nolan

Our office

Room 2.215B, Jenner Wing, 2nd Floor, Corridor 6B, entry from corridor 6 via doorbell


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