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Our staff will assist in the event of an emergency with equipment or laboratory space. We can be contacted during working hours.

Who to contact (8am-5pm)

Level 2, corridors 1-4, 10: Dr Isabelle Crevel or Mrs Sandra Ashton.

Level 2, corridors 5-9: Dr Ariel Poliandri, Mr Adetola Adeyemi or Mrs Joanna Nolan.

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Out-of-hours hours contact 

If a piece of equipment has a specific researcher’s contact details, then the security team will make contact. For any other specific areas or when no contact is given Dr Penny Lympany will be contacted by default.

What happens if equipment fails out of hours?

If you have a piece of equipment that is alarmed or extremely critical, please inform Ms Melinda Masters (Estates and Facilities) who will maintain a contacts list to be used by the security team. In the event of equipment – eg freezer – failure then the principal investigator will be contacted directly.

We have a number of backup freezers on site. They are available as a temporary solution for sample storage following a freezer breakdown — please contact one of the Core Facilities team for advice and location.


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