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The Core Facilities team at St George’s, University of London continuously monitors temperatures of liquid nitrogen storage vessels, ultra-low freezers, cold rooms, pharmacy fridges and anatomy department storage facilities.

We use wireless systems which continuously monitor temperature 24 hours per day and will trigger an alarm and alert by email and telephone should the temperatures fall outside the set parameters. The system can also be viewed externally and controlled via a smart phone or web browser.

We currently monitor 154 devices. The system prevents precious research sample loss in the event of a freezer malfunction and enables us to comply with the requirements of the Human Tissue Authority.

Sample management

We encourage all researchers to make use of our ItemTracker™ software for the monitoring of their samples.

ItemTracker is a complete sample management software solution which visually manages your samples, sample sources and storage area. Every change you subsequently make to your items is tracked and it is a real-time auditable sample tracking solution. The system includes bar coding and sample scanning with print labels that can withstand low freezer temperatures. For added protection the system is backed up daily by our IT department.

Responsible personnel

Ash Sameja – ext. 2428


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