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Dr Penny Lympany

Head of Laboratory Services
I am responsible for management of the core technical support provided within Jenner Wing.

I have a background of working in medical research, before becoming a laboratory manager at St. George’s University. The main duties and responsibilities of my current role are to manage the technical core support staff, laboratories and health and safety of the organisation and to provide a technical service to the research staff which ensures a safe and enabling laboratory environment for researchers to carry out their research activities effectively and efficiently. 

Dr. Lympany's research experience extended over 20 years and focused on investigation of genetic predisposition to respiratory conditions/diseases including asthma, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and sarcoidosis.

Allergy Methods and Protocols (2nd Edn) (2020) Eds: P. Lympany, M.G. Jones.  Humana Press ISSN: 1064-3745

Allergy Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Medicine (2008) Eds. M.G. Jones, P. Lympany. Human Press eISBN: 978-1-59745-366-0

The members of the laboratory core support team:

Mr. Ian Connoley

Dr. Ariel Poliandri

Mr. Ash Sameja

Dr. Isabelle Crevel

Miss. Lauren Terry

Mrs. Joanna Nolan

Mr. Adetola Adeyemi

Mr. Robert Hall

Mr. Gavin Linkson

Mr. Michael O'Reilly

Miss N Fayers

Ms. Melanie Brunst

Mrs. Sandra Ashton

Internal collaborations include:

University research, teaching and administrative staff

Other members of the Research Operations Directorate

Staff from Estates and Facilities

Procurement/purchasing/finance staff

External collaborations include?:


engineers/builders etc

Government agencies - HTA


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